Piloting our vision will be two locations in one of the top 10 pet friendliest cities in the nation. Filled with its abundance of outdoor activities and pet events you will not be disappointed. As Knoxville Tennessee has grown, it is ranked in the top 50 cities to live in the country [1]. Our first location is in North East Knoxville as the growth in this area is substantial. We have chosen an area in the heart of the community away from the highly congested commercial center for you and your family. Tennessee’s moderate climate and highly affordable cost of living are just some of the many driving reasons behind the influx of newcomers. Tentative start date for new hire for the date of completion is between January and March 2021.


Would you like to join an elite team dedicated to the highest quality of pet care supported by state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment? Do you enjoy advancement opportunities while influencing the community around you? EVP is the company that will promote internal growth and opportunity for all its employees. Our hospitals exhibit top level compassionate treatments plans with a lifelong commitment to our patients. As a friendly cohesive environment, we encourage positive, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable candidates.


Experience Requirements & Responsibilities:

  • Follow established hospital policies and protocols in accordance to our core values.
  • Acknowledge /Greet clients in a professional, friendly, hospitable manner exuding EVP visions.
  • Work well with all employees to ensure that your actions support the hospital, the doctors and the mission with strong communication skills.
  • Assist the veterinarian in exam rooms and use veterinary software for documenting medical notes.
  • Perform venipuncture for phlebotomy and catheter placement
  • Obtain laboratory sample collection, process and possibly interpret results (fecal/parasite analysis, ear cytology, skin cytology, urinalysis, blood smears)
  • Perform diagnostic imaging
  • Perform anesthesia and properly maintain/record medial documentation
  • Prep patients for and assist in surgery
  • Perform dental prophies familiar with dental radiographs
  • Administer vaccines and medications (oral, topical, injectable)
  • Fill / dispense prescriptions and review directions with clients
  • Communicate with and educate clients with mediations, vaccination protocols, and other hospital related communications.
  • Discharge patients. Review charts of patients being discharged from the clinic for completeness of information.
  • Obtain vitals on patients
  • Place IVC, sedate, and intubate patients with anesthetized preparations for patients
  • SQ/IM/IV injections and drug administration
  • Perform other duties that are assigned
  • Keep work areas fully stocked
  • Knowledge of drugs and their dosages and uses
  • Recognizing and reporting pain/distress/abnormal patients
  • Assist in emergency services (CPR, unaided catherization/intubation, drug administration)
  • Suture/staple removals



  • Health Insurance
  • 401(k)
  • Pet Insurance
  • Personal Pet Discounts
  • Paid time off for full-time employees
  • Uniform Allowance
  • Continuing education allowance